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Upcoming Update

Our plan is to have our 9DoF code out of BETA before the end of July 2019. 🙂
V1.1 - 9DoF release
Before the end of July 2019

Latest Updates

This is the latest alpha release of our 9DoF code. It should be ready for testing, and if we are sure everything works fine, we will proceed to the beta phase.
9DoF alpha.3 Bug Fixes
June 24, 2019
Relativty is out of beta! In this release, we have made the following changes; Upgraded to a STM32 microcontroller - Made the STM32 controller working with OSVR
Hardware and Software upgrades
April 22, 2019


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From a full VR desktop environment to your favorite games, Relativty can do it all! With SteamVR compatibility, you can download and play all your favorite VR games that work with Relativty.

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